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Stem Cell Treatment for Prostate Cancer

At Stem Cell Treatment Institute advanced stem cell procedures are performed using RetroVirus Cancer Vaccine Treatment and Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell Vaccine Therapy

Stem Cell Vaccine Therapy can be used with other surgical interventions to replace post surgical chemotherapy, or can be used as a stand alone treatment if indicated.

Typically this is an outpatient procedure. however patients may stay for 4 or 5 nights in our suites during the process.

What is a Prostate Cancer Stem Cell Vaccine?
To achieve success and control cancer a complete treatment protocol must be developed. This includes proper detox of the body, stimulation to increase quantity and quality of the bodies good cells, removal of cancer cells and stem cells, careful transport and handling of harvested cells, manipulation of cells to create the Vaccine and proper in-fusion of the vaccine cells back into the body. All steps must be considered and done with care and expertise.

With Cancer the concept of creating an effective RetroVirus Vaccine works a little differently than a typical preventative vaccine. Because cancer is a mutation of the patient's cells each cancer has a unique DNA signature. Each cancer RetroVirus Vaccine is patient specific and is used as a treatment for their cancer, attacking the existing disease and setting up defenses to prevent it from coming back.

The RetroVirus Cancer Vaccine is more of a process used to teach your body to attack the cancer, at the tumor, anywhere else it is in the body now, and set up protection in case it tries to come back.

Stem Cell Specialist

Stem Cell Specialist Dr. Lopez works with a team of highly trained and experienced specialists including neurologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists, hematologists, ophthalmologists, and pediatricians.

How do we do this and insure success?
The Complete process is important.
First we detox the patients system, then use specific proteins called Interleukins and other techniques to promote the development of useful cells.

We then remove cancer cells and stem cells from the patient. These must be handled properly and used quickly to avoid cell loss and degeneration.

We then use the cancer cells to program the stem cells and we turn the stem cells into immune system lymphocytes (often called white blood cells) specifically programed against your cancer. By increasing the number of these warrior cells using stem cells and not just removing your current supply (which was found to be harmful in some patients - See Provenge), a more effective outcome is achieved. This is a better cancer vaccine!

By returning millions of these new and educated super warrior cells back to the body, the body's immune system is educated and improved by the process. It responds by eliminating the targeted cancer at the tumor and at other locations the cancer may have spread to called metastases.

Several companies are currently preparing Investigational New Drug (IND) applications to submit to the FDA in order to begin US-based clinical trials of this process.

September 2015 - Sam De Simone

"If you are reading this it means that either you, a friend or a loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer.

I was diagnosed 11 years ago with Prostate Cancer with a PSA of 18 and a Gleason Score of 4+5=9.
Dr. Lopez has years of experience in dealing with Cancer patients, for me her protocol began by rebuilding and reprogramming my immune system using Immunotherapy. Dr. Lopez works on stimulating your own immune system against the Cancer. Her protocol trains and stimulates your own immune system to attack your cancer cells. I stayed in a hotel and was treated in my hotel room that is set up like a hospital room. The surroundings are very good with an amazing Nurse that was assigned to me. My oncologist at home is very pleased with my results and his words to me were

" Sam we cannot do this here!""
I do recommend anyone dealing with Cancer or any type of illness to contact Dr. Lopez and her team and at the very least speak with her, she quickly gets back to you."