Stem Cell Treatment Testimonials - Dr. Rivkah Lopez



Allan Cohen
I started very early with Joint disease and suffered severe pain, I had to take an endless amount of drugs including steroids to ease the pain and swelling.

Several years ago I had to have my knee replaced because my own was so severely damaged from arthritis. After the surgery my problems didn’t stop there I developed Diabetes and I had to try and regulate it with insulin, unfortunately my glucose levels were still difficult to control.

Last year my doctor told me that my other knee was also damaged significantly from arthritis and needed replacing, I was taking so many pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that I was also suffering from side effects from those. A close friend of mine told me about Stem Cell Treatment and I decided to try it.

I started researching and I read a lot about it, I thought that this was what I needed, I was not wrong, I had the treatment. There were no complications at all, it was not painful, and it was very simple and within two days I was back in New York. I was very impressed with the attention and professionalism of Dr. Lopez and her team, everything was excellent!

Today I can say I am no longer taking any pain medication or steroids, plus I stopped using insulin. Definitely it was what I needed.

Julia Young - March 2014
In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after much research and deliberation chose the alternative path to healing via the Gerson Therapy and other advanced immuno-therapies. I spent three weeks at the clinic and that’s when I met the wonderful Dr. Rivkah Lopez.

Dr. Lopez is possibly one of the most caring people I have ever met, and her ongoing very positive support has been phenomenal. Her conventional training as well as her extensive knowledge and experience in alternative and advanced immuno-therapies has given me the confidence to follow my instincts to naturally heal.

New cancer patients, particularly those like me who have chosen not to follow the conventional route, are full of questions, and Dr. Lopez’s untiring patience and reassurance has without a doubt been one of the major factors that has helped me come to grips with the whole body healing process. Although I am now well on the way to healing, I still have a long way to go and the knowledge that Dr. Lopez will continue to provide her support until I am totally healed is very reassuring.

Vicki McCabe - October 2013

"Dr. Lopez always made me feel so reassured with her upbeat attitude and deep knowledge and understanding of the process. I’m so glad she remains my doctor. We follow-up about my progress and she examines my blood and test results and tweaks my therapy as needed. I feel very lucky to have discovered healthy alternatives and Dr. Lopez."

Mrs. Sonia Jusino Thuna
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I went through a Lumpectomy, my Doctors suggested Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, I only agreed to radiation.

I decided to have the Autologous Stem Cell Treatment, which was very simple.

Before having radiation treatment, my doctor warned me that my skin was going to suffer considerable side effects from the radiation including ulcers, swelling, blotchiness and to be prepared for this.

The stem cells protected me from the side effects of radiation, thanks to the treatment none of that happened; now I feel very healthy and I am certainly enjoying my life with my family and I’m happy.

Rabbi Shmuel Oppenheim - August 2009
It was toward the end of August 2009, when I received a telephone call from Dr. Lopez, informing me that someone had provided funds for me to undergo a Stem Cell procedure, I discussed the opportunity with other leaders from the HaShem Synagogue in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

They were all in agreement that I should walk through this open door. She called me on a Wednesday morning and I arrived on Friday afternoon and checked in to the hotel, Dr. Lopez picked me up early Saturday morning and took me to the hospital.   Everything was handled professionally and within four to five hours, I was back at the hotel.

On June 19th, 2009 I had surgery for prostate cancer. Two weeks later, possibly connected to the surgery I started suffering from horrendous pains, my Sciatic nerve had been damaged or disturbed and was causing me a lot of pain and for more than six weeks I was in horrific pain.

By the time Dr. Lopez called me back I was showing signs of improvement and within three to four days, I was doing much better. Just one week later, I was no longer in pain and have been pain free since. I flew back to Las Vegas on that Sunday and since then my health has continued to improve. I appreciate the medical assistance that was given and felt that I was definitely in the hands of professionals. I am also grateful for the care and concern from Dr. Lopez and her staff. I would recommend Stem Cell Procedure and I felt happier about the treatment because the cells were my own from my own body.

September 2015 - Sam De Simone

"If you are reading this it means that either you, a friend or a loved one has been diagnosed with Cancer.

I was diagnosed 11 years ago with Prostate Cancer with a PSA of 18 and a Gleason Score of 4+5=9.
Dr. Lopez has years of experience in dealing with Cancer patients, for me her protocol began by rebuilding and reprogramming my immune system using Immunotherapy. Dr. Lopez works on stimulating your own immune system against the Cancer. Her protocol trains and stimulates your own immune system to attack your cancer cells. I stayed in a hotel and was treated in my hotel room that is set up like a hospital room. The surroundings are very good with an amazing Nurse that was assigned to me. My oncologist at home is very pleased with my results and his words to me were

" Sam we cannot do this here!""
I do recommend anyone dealing with Cancer or any type of illness to contact Dr. Lopez and her team and at the very least speak with her, she quickly gets back to you."