Autologous Stem Cell Activation

Autologous Stem Cells can be taken from an individual, cultured (or stored), and activated before being transferred back into the original donor.

Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma Activation

In platelet-rich plasma (PRP) applications Growth Factors from the patient’s own circulating blood platelets are used to activate the Adult Stem Cells harvested from the same patient.

Stem Cell Activation is Necessary

An important point to note is that there is no debate that freshly isolated Adult Stem Cells which have not been activated are essentially useless as opposed to Adult Stem Cells which have undergone proper activation.

Activation is unnecessary. Adult Stem Cells from the on their own prove far less effective than when the Adult Stem Cells isolates were introduced into either a Activation Medium containing known growth factor stimulators or the patient’s own platelet-derived growth factors before being re-introduced into the patient.

Adult Stem Cells  Require Activation for Full Functionality

As stated above Adult Stem Cells though large in number lie dormant within the body and they require activation to come into full functionality for more successful implantation into the host tissue and to begin self-renewal by cell division and formation of other cell types by differentiation and trans-differentiation. This is also in line with the fact that Adult Stem Cells are called into action only when the tissues within which they reside are dying, damaged or diseased.