We offer Stem Cell Immunotherapy or Gene Therapy for many diseases and Cancer RetroVirus Stem Cell Immunotherapy Treatments for many cancer types now, and the list is growing!

With expanded, manipulated, and activated stem cells we can provide better results than with early non-manipulated stem cell applications.

Immunotherapy - Levels

Let’s discuss the levels of immunotherapy available.

Level One: Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements

In order for your body to fight disease it must have a strong immune system. Eating the right foods provides your immune system with what it needs. Once your body has the building blocks it needs exercise stimulates the body to get to work. It has been found that short (30 second) High-intensity exercise bursts trigger a process that improves immune system health. In addition to basic nutrition supplements should be used to ensure high levels of many key nutrients, especially if fighting disease and as we get older.

Level Two: Immune System Stimulation

If your immune system is not winning the fight against disease treatments and agents can be added to stimulate the process. Therapies like plasma rich platelet (PRP) and other targeted immune stimulators agents are used.

Level Three: Autologous Stem Cell Immunotherapy

When immune stimulation is not enough stem cells can be taken from your body, expanded and activated, then reintroduced through IV or more targeted placements. These Stem Cells are called Autologous Stem Cells, because they are your cells and they can be harvested from your bone marrow or fat (adipose) tissue.

Dendritic Cell Vaccines: These vaccines have shown the most success so far in treating cancer. Sipuleucel-T (Provenge), the only FDA approved  Dendritic Cell Vaccine, is for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer and is an example of a dendritic cell vaccine.

Dendritic Cells are special immune cells in the body that help the immune system recognize cancer cells. They break down cancer cells into smaller pieces (including antigens), and then hold out these antigens so other immune cells called T cells can see them. The T cells then start an immune reaction against any cells in the body that contain these antigens.

Level Four: Allogeneic Stem Cell Immunotherapy

When your own Stem Cells are not sufficient Stem Cells can be used from other donors, these are called Allogeneic Stem Cells, typically umbilical cord cells and placenta cells. Again these Stem Cells can be expanded and activated, then reintroduced through IV or more targeted placements.

Success with Stem Cell Treatment depends on many factors including preparing the patint for cell harvesting with proper nutrition, detoxification, oxygenation and immunostimulation before the removal procedure. Handling of cells, timing, cell selection and proper activation is important with both Autologous Stem Cells and Allogeneic Stem Cell applications.

These advanced Immunotherapy treatments show amazing results, but most are yet to be FDA approved and in the US are available only through clinical trials being done at major medical centers. Many patients find that leaving the US provides access to the most advanced options.

Many people travel across borders for medical treatment. Mexico has even created a special lane at the border crossing from the US. Hundreds of thousands of patients come to Mexico each year. More than a dozen hospitals see Americans regularly and many even have a special administrator to coordinate medical and travel plans. Special “medical zones” include improved streets, sidewalks and more services for medical tourists.