Advanced Stem Cell Therapy and Treatments

Expansion, Manipulation and Activation of the stem cells is the key to eliminating disease. All this is done in a nearby lab, where care is taken to coordinate transportation and timing in order to retain the cells quality and viability. Experience has taught us that these expanded and activated cells provide superior results, and cell recovery has been found to occur much faster than with non-manipulated stem cell applications.

Stem Cell Treatment Options

September 2015 - Sam De Simone

"I was diagnosed 11 years ago with Prostate Cancer with a PSA of 18 and a Gleason Score of 4+5=9."

"Dr. Lopez has years of experience in dealing with Cancer patients, for me her protocol began by rebuilding and reprogramming my immune system using Immunotherapy. Dr. Lopez works on stimulating your own immune system against the Cancer. Her protocol trains and stimulates your own immune cells to attack your cancer cells. My oncologist at home is very pleased with my results and his words to me were

"Sam we can not do this here!""