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At The Stem Cell Treatment Institute advanced stem cell procedures are performed in compliance with Global Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, thus guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety for our patients.

Stem Cell and Cancer RetroVirus solutions are often more effective than most of the traditional medical procedures being practiced today and can now be obtained without international flights.

We offer Stem Cell and Cancer RetroVirus treatments with enhanced, manipulated, and activated stem cells. These expanded and activated stem cells have been found to provide better results than non-manipulated stem cell applications. Manipulation or amplification of the stem cells is done in a nearby lab, where care is taken to coordinate transportation and timing in order to retain the cells quality and viability. Then transfer factors are added to activate cells. These expanded and activated cells provide superior results and cell recovery has been found to occur twice as fast as with non-manipulated stem cell applications.

We currently have available treatments with stem cells utilizing a patient's own bone marrow, adipose (fat cells) or younger sources, like placenta stem cells.

Treatments are available in the following areas: Macular Degeneration, Breast Cancer, , Spinal Cord Injury, Arthritis, Parkinsons Disease, Autoimmune disease, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers Disease, and Stroke, just to mention a few.

Cancer RetroVirus Vaccine Treatment
What is a Cancer RetroVirus Vaccine?
With Cancer the concept of a RetroVirus works a little differently than a typical vaccine. Because cancer is a mutation of the patient's cells each cancer has a unique DNA signature. Each cancer RetroVirus Vaccine is patient specific and is used as a treatment for their cancer, attacking the existing disease and setting up defenses to prevent it from coming back..

The RetroVirus Cancer Vaccine is more of a process used to teach your body to attack the cancer, at the tumor, anywhere else it is in the body now, and set up protection in case it tries to come back.

How do we do this?
First we remove cancer cells and stem cells from the patient. We then use the cancer cells to program the stem cells and turn them into RetroVirus immune system cells specifically programed against your cancer.
By returning these educated cells back to the body the body's immune system is educated by the process and responds by eliminating the targeted tumor and other locations the cancer may have spread to called metastases.

Several companies are currently preparing RetroVirus Investigational New Drug (IND) applications to submit to the FDA in order to begin US-based clinical trials of this process.

You don't have to wait!

Treatments are available now in the following areas:
Prostate Cancer RetroVirus,
Breast Cancer RetroVirus,
Colon Cancer RetroVirus, just to mention a few.

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At The Stem Cell Treatment Institute our doctors use advanced stem cell procedures to treat a wide range of conditions. Our Health Department Permit, a COFEPRIS, is on a Presidential level.

Stem Cells can come from the patient?s fat or bone marrow, but stem cell treatment from donor placenta or umbilical cord blood is also available. Donor characteristics (i.e., age, health) play a key role in treatment success. Your individual situation will be considered and suitable options will be discussed.

In some countries (US and Europe) requlations limit access to these advanced stem cell applications or stored cells are used limiting the effectiveness. Fortunately our doctors and lab are experienced in providing the highest level of quality stem cell treatment.

Depending on budget, condition, age and other factors the best solution can be determined. Sometimes cells are placed directly into an organ, other times a simple IV with cells harvested from your own bone marrow will do just fine. We can help you make this decision.

No international flights required!
Patients fly to the San Diego International Airport, are taken to the clinics for extraction and treatments.

Understanding Stem Cell Treatment
Let's face it, your body is at war against infection, disease, aging, and sometimes itself. Your immune system is the first line of defense. Anything that it can?t deal with will do some damage. Your Stem Cells are the crews that repair this damage. If your condition or disease has become chronic this means that your damage crews can not handle the job, they need help. We have found that additional stem cells can be added to your troops to help in the repair process. Stem cells can be stimulated with powerful "homing" mechanisms which enable them to hone in on areas of the body that are in need of repair. These cells can be taken from your body and manipulated, then can be put back in.

Our experienced International Medical and Scientific Board of Advisors will review all the medical data provided and prepare a recommendation regarding stem cell therapy options. Each patient is provided a personal phone consultation with one of our doctors and gets a personalized treatment plan based on the their medical history and current condition.

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Our team and their associates have evaluated thousands of stem cell treatment candidates over the past 25 years. They have treated over 1,000 patients.

Located in the heart of the stem cell research capital of the world, San Diego, California, we work hand in hand with top research centers. Even though some stem cell research is being conducted in the U.S., most stem cell implementation must take place outside of the country. We are strategically located to take advantage of both. No international flights required!

It is believed that by the practical application of stem cells, the need for liver, kidney and heart transplants can be reduced dramatically. In addition, a cure for diabetes, nerve restoration and the extension of ones life expectancy by more than 50 years are on the horizon.

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